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We Were Chosen As One Of The Top 5 Most Popular Beach Sandal Brands in 2019

I hope you are all enjoying the pumpkin spice latte season 🎃☕️And I just realized that Halloween is right around the corner! This is what happens when the world is preparing for Halloween👻, Thanksgiving🦃, and Christmas🎄 all at once. We have no sense of time cuz it feels like Christmas is never coming.  Ooohhh but all of them will come very soon. And before you know it, BAM! ⚡️It's a new year.  But that means a lot of vacation opportunities are coming up! And of course us New Yorkers will go somewhere warmer 🏝And you guessed it right! We love a good vacation that involves Sand By Saya sandals 👡 Need some sandal inspiration? We were chosen as one of the top five in...

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This Will Count As Your "Something New"

On our previous blog post, I mentioned that the month of June derives its name from Juno, the Women goddess of marriage. And June is the rainy season in Japan, so a lot of people think that the wedding industry gave people one good reason why they should get married during the rainy season.  I thought the rainy season is April in the States, but these days it's rainy every day in New York ☔️. New York has a relatively short summer, so we need the sun as much as we can when the sun is supposed to be out!  It seems like the sun is finally gonna come out this week, so hopefully all the brides and grooms get to...

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