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Our New Logo Symbolizes Our Brand Upgrade

Hi! I hope you are all doing well and mentally preparing for the warm weather! That's right. In New York, we are still in the state of mentally preparing. Somedays there are days like Sand by Saya sandals and iced coffee kinda weather.  Today's temperature was supposed to be above 57℉, but now it's 48℉. Plus, I heard it's going to rain later today... Made a major attire mistake....As if mother nature's way of telling us, "Nope! Not a chance". But the weather won't stop us from stocking up on sandals! We have exclusive news for all those Sand by Saya fans and sandal lovers (aka everybody) so keep on reading till the end! so...In preparation for spring/summer, we introduced the new espadrille line last week on...

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Two Big News For The Upcoming Warm Seasons

It's April! Sadly it is still very cold in New York, and it seems like it's going to take a while for the temperature to get stable. But! we are mentally preparing for spring/summer and we are excited to give you two big news for the upcoming warm weather. The first big news is that the spring/summer 2019 collection will be available for purchase very soon on our website and in stores, and we will give you a little sneak-peak of our latest style here on our blog. Introducing Sand by Saya's Espadrilles!  As you all know, our sandals are well known for their comfort, so of course, without comfort, there would be no Sand by Saya Espadrilles. The materials used for the Espadrilles are even new...

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