Traveling to Japan in winter is amazing

Traveling to Japan in winter is amazing

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Japan was not open to tourist for a long time but finally they opened their border this November. I have not able to visit there for 3 years and I was desperate to visit my family in Japan.

Traveling with toddler to Japan

Here we are!

Japan still requires the mask at indoor but that was not a problem for me.

The toughest part was traveling 14 hours on the flight with my 1 yo little one who has a lot of energy!


sushi chef at hidden restaurant in Tokyo serving chefs selection omakase dinner

sushi chef at hidden Japanese restaurant in Azabu tokyo

First place I went was the sushi omakase course (chefs selection) at this small hidden restaurant. It is at Nishi-Azabu in Tokyo. They have only 6 seats and they requires a reservation few days in advance. It was fantastic and chef was so funny!

 high school reunion with girl friends in Tokyo Japan with beer


Then meeting my high school friends.

I miss them so much and they have not changed! 

My souvenir from New York was my new feather hair accessories that I love. I chose gray and they loved them.

Hair accessories are so convenient that is season-less, easy to take care of, light weight, and its fun for anyone! 

if you use steamer for the feather area, it will be fluffier. Dry it and use comb to make it more fluffier.

gray feather hair pin accessories new collection


Feather Hair Pin

To be continue about this trip...

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