Must haves for the beach trip this winter

Must haves for the beach trip this winter

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 I always want to take pictures in a nice summer dress and summer heel wedges even when I am at the beach resort. Also the most important thing is the comfort of the clothes and the comfort of the shoes. Sand by Saya’s sandals are light, portable, easy to put on, match any outfit, and are comfortable no matter how far you walk. There were times when I thought I would go shopping locally, but I usually didn't have time for that, and when I wanted to make plans with my family and friends, I couldn't go to my favorite store on my own, or I couldn't find a store that I liked. Especially if you are traveling with your child, it would be better to think about how to coordinate your outfit with ease of movement and comfort. 

platform wedge sandals with feather and rhinestone

There used to be a time when I was single and looked cool with heels that I could only wear for an hour, but now that I've overcome the coronavirus era, I need to have a comfy outfit all the time. I've come to like clothes and shoes that make me feel comfortable and relaxed.

Mommy and me fashion at beach resort- footwear designers lifestyle

 As for heels, wedge heels are recommended because they are comfortable to wear, and I have come to think that dresses and jackets should look a little loose and stylish rather than super tight. It's partly because I've grown up, but I don't think that's the only reason. Whether it's for my feet or for a fun trip with my family and friends, I've come to question the fashion that I wear while putting up with it. 

embroidered crystal rhinestone flip flop sandals by the pool

But I still really like sparkly rhinestones. Sand by Saya sandals are designed with little embroidery motifs. This one of a kind design is something unique and stands out your fashion of the day.  The romantic beaches and delicious local food with your favorite sandals at resort islands. What else do you need?

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