Martha Stewart Weddings feature our bridal collection

Martha Stewart Weddings feature our bridal collection

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Martha Stewart Weddings is one of the top magazines for brides, and Martha Stewart decided to feature Sand By Saya's wedding line in the Japanese Issue.  This line is perfect for any ceremony, especially for a beach or destination.  Brides are buying these for all of there bridesmaids, and even there flower girls. This ensures that everyone will look good, but also be comfortable throughout the whole night. 

Shoes complete a wedding look, so it's important to pick the right pair.  Luckily we have a lot of options for you, and they're all elegant and comfortable.  If you want to make a statement going with the Uptown motif is a great idea. Then if you want something simple and elegant, the Swarovski Crystal is perfect.  Martha Stewart chose two classic motifs to feature, the Crystal Manhattan, and the Crystal Chelsea.  These are our most loved motifs.  They go with almost anything because of the crystal beading they're made from.

The photo that was chosen to be featured was taken in the Hampton's during Bridal Week.  Being in the Hampton's during this week is a big deal.  It's essentially like New York Fashion Week only for weddings.  



Swarovski Crystal

Crystal Chelsea

Crystal Manhattan





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