Eyes - Women's High Wedge, Beaded, Eyes
Gray Women's High heels Sandals with Eyes, Flip Flops summer  Image
Eyes - Women's High Wedge, eye, eye-lashes, emoji-like
Eyes - Women's High Wedge, Beaded, Eyes
Eyes - Women's High Wedge, Beaded, Eyes
Eyes - Rhine Stone Embellished Women's High Wedge Flip Flops Sandal
Eyes - Rhine Stone Embellished Women's High Wedge Flip Flops Sandal

Sand By Saya

Eyes - Rhine Stone Embellished Women's High Wedge Flip Flops Sandal

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About Product:
  • Heel: 3 inch/ 8 cm.
  • Motif Dimensions: 3.5 x 1.5 in/ 8.5 x 4 cm.
  • 5 Sizes: US 4 – US 11/12 — Size Chart.
  • Packed in our complimentary limited edition clutch bag.
  • Our products are all handmade in New York.


  • A comfortable cushioned rubber surface and soft straps for long walks.
  • Sandal body is made with durable material for long term use.
  • Strong strap with invisible stopper inside of sole. Approved for 300 newton.


  • Insole-EVA/ Outsole-Rubber/ Strap-PVC.


  • Wash the sandal body with soap to maintain the cleanness of the products.

About Shipment: 

  • Products will ship from New York City and can be sent internationally.
  • Only 1 to 4 business days for production. Every sandals are made to order.
  • For more shipping information, click here.

Our campaign:

Part of sales will go to Greenpeace.org to preserve clean water


    Sand by Saya

    What makes us different


      Our manufacturing studio is in New York City. We use a 100 years old vintage sewing machine. Our sandals are made by highly trained sewers from locals and each pair is made by hand. Professional work plus designers' passion and love is the reason why people fall in love with our product.

      Our embroidery/motifs are made with high quality stones. Some of our collections are made with swarovski and others are made with glass stones.

      We use eco-friendly materials and we donate part of our sales to Greenpeach.org to preserve clean water. We also provide an opportunity for our customers to recycle their motifs. Our customers can purchase a basic pair of sandals and we will add your motifs!

      We tested for durability and the straps will never come off, we will guarantee. It will endure 300 newton. (There are 3 stoppers inside of the sandals under the roots of each strap that prevents it from coming off.)

      We use high quality PVC and rubber. This makes the surface cushion very soft. You can walk long hours without getting tired and in pain. (Our factory spends 5 times more on quality checks compared to other brands).