Embark on a journey into the heart of Sand by Saya New York, where vibrant tropical stone motifs breathe life into our signature sandals. Our collection transcends conventional boundaries, showcasing not only the iconic waterproof vegan leather espadrilles but also an elevated wedge heel Bridal line and charming mother-daughter pairings.

Immerse yourself in a world inspired by our visionary designs, epitomized through prestigious collaborations with industry leaders like the Swarovski crystal company, Barneys New York, Four Seasons Resort, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Japan Airlines, and renowned publications such as Elle UK and Vogue UK. These partnerships have been instrumental in propelling Sand by Saya into a realm of continuous growth and flourishing creativity.

At Sand by Saya, we've revolutionized the flip-flop, infusing it with class and elegance, turning every step into a statement. Step into a world where fashion meets artistry, and the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary.

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Welcoming an incredible cadre of new designers, our NYC-based Sand By Saya team is a vibrant blend of fresh talent with backgrounds in renowned houses such as Karl Lagerfeld, Diane Von Furstenberg, Anna Sui, Steven Alan, and R13. The cherry on top? Our striking new logo, designed by Biggs and CO NY, co-designers for Marc Jacobs. We're all about NYC style, and we're confident you'll love what we're creating!

Sand By Saya's sandals embody style, durability, and easy maintenance, making them the perfect choice for commuting, shopping, or unwinding at home. Crafted with a vintage sewing machine for distinctive stitching, our sandals are non-toxic, energy-friendly, and recyclable. As a testament to our commitment to the environment, a portion of our sales is dedicated to supporting Green Peace.org.

As a sustainable fashion brand, we've prioritized collaboration with local workers, sourcing scraps from nearby factories for creative upcycling initiatives. Our dedication extends to educating local fashion students, contributing to the growth of our community. At the heart of our business strategy are custom-made sandals, a testament to our commitment since 2009 to marrying style with sustainability. We're proud to continue this journey towards a more conscious and responsible fashion future.

Featured as a "Must-have item for a getaway trip to a resort" on Fox 5, our thong-strap sandals blend style and functionality seamlessly. Stylish, durable, and easy to clean, they cater to the fashion-conscious shopper and practical commuter alike. Positioned affordably within the luxury market, our sandals boast non-toxic, recyclable, energy-friendly, and high-quality attributes. Step into the world of Sand By Saya – where fashion meets conscience.


In our upcoming 2024 collection, we're thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking addition: a waterproof espadrille crafted from EVA and vegan leather, marking a pioneering design in the market. Unlike traditional espadrilles with hard rope that can stiffen when wet, our creation ensures softness, keeping your feet dry and comfortable regardless of the weather – a true design breakthrough!

This lightweight sandal, perfect for travel, is ideal for poolside and beachfront lounging, romantic walks, and even weathering tropical downpours without concern. Every pair is meticulously handmade in our New York City studio using a vintage sewing machine, a testament to our commitment to quality. Specializing in embroidery, we elevate each sandal with high-end crystals and gems personally curated by Saya herself. It's not just footwear; it's a crafted experience of style, innovation, and comfort.

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Founder and designer Saya, a Parsons Fashion Design graduate, embarked on her creative journey in New York City in 2009, giving birth to the iconic Sand by Saya brand. This venture has since graced the pages of esteemed publications such as Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and Bride Magazines.

Internationally recognized, our brand finds its place in leading retailers worldwide, including the prestigious Barney's New York, and adorns the luxurious settings of top resorts such as Four Seasons, Intercontinental Resort and Ritz Carlton. Sand by Saya isn't just a brand; it's a testament to craftsmanship and style that resonates globally.

Saya's distinction as a Top 25 NYC-based Designer by DENYC is a testament to her enduring impact in the fashion industry, consistently acknowledged by leaders at the forefront.

The accolades for Sand by Saya are ceaseless, resonating not only across the United States but also echoing internationally. Here's a glimpse of what some influential voices in the industry have to say:

"I strongly believe Saya is one of leading footwear designers in NYC"

~Mr.R. Ocampo, Design Director at Michael Kors

"Sand by Saya's designs are bright and fun. I'm sure many more people will fall in love with Saya's exciting ideas."

~Dott. F. Diaco, Former CEO of Gucci

"Her Drive and creative spirit make it clear as to why her designs are so popular..."

~Mr.N. Ishihara, CEO of Forbes Japan  

"New York City, with its iconic buildings and rich cultural tapestry, serves as my boundless well of inspiration. I aspire for my designs to resonate with people on a profound level, offering both comfort and a sense of beauty. My goal is to touch many lives, allowing individuals to feel not only adorned but also at ease, finding a unique blend of comfort and beauty in each creation."

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For those with a keen sense of style craving comfort, Sand by Saya introduces an exciting accessory collection that complements our stylish and comfortable sandals. The ensemble includes hats, masks, room shoes, brooches, hair accessories, necklaces, and key rings – the perfect accompaniment to elevate your fashion statement.

This exclusive collection will soon be available at SandbySaya.com, select department stores, and boutiques across the United States and Japan. The response to our accessories has been phenomenal, particularly at local boutiques where our beaded embroidery designs stand out for their uniqueness and have quickly become a sought-after trend. Your style, your comfort, now with a touch of exquisite accessory flair.