Who loves our sandals? Influencers & celebrities ①

Who loves our sandals? Influencers & celebrities ①

Mother's Day Campaign - Mommy and Me 読む Who loves our sandals? Influencers & celebrities ① 4 分 Bridal Sandals For All Of Your "I Dos" This Season

Hi! I hope you are all well :) 
It's finally looking a lot like spring🌸
Sadly it's a little hard to tell on the weekdays, because it's a little chilly in the morning and in the afternoon. During the day when the sun is out, we are in the office/showroom working hard 😎

But this weekend, I finally got to take out my shades 🕶  and I couldn't have been happier. All of us cannot wait to go to work with different Sand by Saya sandals everyday! 

Now that spring/summer is slowly approaching, I am starting to see a lot of influencers traveling to tropical destinations on my Instagram feeds. 

If you travel to any tropical destinations this spring/summer, the obligatory pedi pretty feet Instagram shot is a must. And you need Sand by Saya sandals to compliment your pedis to take that Instagram worthy shot 👡💅🌺👙🏝🤳

Want some tutorials on how to take that Instagram worthy shots with Sand by Saya sandals? Let's learn from our past non-sponsored and sponsored influencers/celebrities of ours 😎🤳 A lot of amazing influencers and celebrities are a huge fan of Sand by Saya 💕✨ We have a lot and more coming up for this spring/summer 2019, so stay tuned for more blog posts about our past influencer/celebrities collab✨(influencer and celebrity order random) 

① Bilingirl Chika (@bilingirl_chika) 

I am a huge fan of Bilingirl Chika ( I even went to the meet up in New York ),
so I am so proud about where I am working at. For those of you who don't know who she is, she is a Japanese-English bilingual Youtuber with more than 1.3M subscribers on her Youtube channel. 

Mainly she teaches English to her Japanese viewers, but she speaks in both English and Japanese in her videos with subtitles, so her videos are a great learning tool for advanced Japanese learners. 

She is not a Fashion Youtuber, but she is very well-known for her vibrant style. 
Her favorite color is pink and gold, and she loves anything sparkly. 

This is the link to her video talking about her summer Fashion in Hawaii 🌺

Isn't this so pretty?
She got her nails done so that it will go with her Sand by Saya sandals 💅
This summer I am getting all my nail color/nail art inspiration from Sand by Saya sandals 😘

Mentioned sandal 
👡 Manhattan (Crystal) Flat Grey
It's one of our best sellers! Good choice Chika-chan! 

Sand by Saya sandals are so-Chika-chan! 

② Chiaki (@chiakiinengland) 


Chiaki is a Japanese flight attendant based in the UK and she has more than 262K subscribers on her Youtube channel. Since she is a flight attendant, she travels a lot and she talks about many travel tips and topics that English learners can relate to. 

As a flight attendant and frequent traveler, we love it that she has multiple sandals for every mood and style 💕 One sandal for when you want a pop of color and another for a classic sophisticated style. 

Mentioned sandal 
👡 Bee 🐝 High Wedge Black 
👡 White Hudson Flat Black 

We can't get enough of these sandals 🤩❤️
And we have every sandals for every mood 💕✨👡

③ Mirei Kiritani (@mirei_kiritani_) 

Mirei Kiritani is a major major Japanese actress/model! 
I bet there is not a single Japanese person who doesn't know her name. 
She has been in many movies, dramas, TV commercials, Fashion magazines, and more! She has more than 3 million followers. 
so when we found out that she loves our sandals, we could be more thrilled!

She knows how to accessorize ✨🕶✨💎✨💍✨👡

Mentioned sandal 
👡 Palm Tree 🌴 Mid-Wedge Gold 

It's a bit hard to tell,
but that is Mirei Kiritani wearing Sand by Saya sandals and
enjoying the tropical weather in Hawaii 🌺🐚
On the third photo, you can see Sand by Saya's logo on the sole of the sandals😆 

Her sandals are matching with the actual palm tree🌴
We call that "dressing for the occasion" 😉

We have pretty awesome fans, right?
We cannot wait to show you more and more of our Sand by Saya fans 😘