New Fashion Classes and Tours! ①

New Fashion Classes and Tours! ①

Can we ever catch a breath? 
It was 32℃ (89℉) the day before yesterday and right when we thought Sand by Saya season was back, today's lowest temperature is going to be 8℃ (46℉) 😱

Wasn't I just wearing my favorite summer jumpsuit and rocking my Sand by Saya sandals 👡 while sipping iced tea by Bryant park the other day? 

I really didn't want to wear a flannel shirt and a leather jacket today cuz that means that we are finally admitting that winter is upon us😭

This kind of temperature means my weekends are going to start consisting a lot of staying in and staycations 😚🔥

You may not be able to wear your favorite Sand by Saya sandals for a while. 
But! We have good news! 

Days of cold weather are for fun indoor activities! 
And we are offering fun indoor activities/classes ❤️🎨

Let me walk you through one of our new classes. 

And you know these classes are going to be fun without a doubt because it's BYOB - Bring Your Own Booze 😂🍷❤️

① Sandal or Accessory Making For Beginners 💁‍♀️👡💎

You know that Sand by Saya is all about finding your perfect pair of sandals, the one. We have so many styles of motifs, sandal color, sandal height, and sandal type. 

There is no way that you cannot find the one. 

But there is nothing like creating your own, (literally) one of a kind pair of sandals 👡❤️ 

At this class, you get to learn how to make your own Sand by Saya flip-flops or accessories! We will prepare the samples and materials for you, so no need to worry! But you are more than welcome to bring your own materials 🙆‍♀️

You will get hands on experience hand-sewing a pair of flip-flops or accessories with a needle and learn how to make your very own pair from our Sand by Saya founder/head designer. 

It's not one of those "why the hell did I make this!?" "I'm never going to use this" kind of art classes. You will "walk" 👡 out of the class room learning a lot about Fashion and wear something practical that you made! 

You may not be able to wear the flip-flops you made outside right now, but you can wear them indoors for now. 

If you choose to make a piece of accessory, you have the option to make a necklace, brooch, keychain, or hair accessory. 

It will be a great statement piece and a gift✨ And you can use them all year round! 

And what's amazing about this class is that we are offering this class in English, Japanese, and Chinese. 

Grab your gal pal and plan that resort getaway that you've been dreaming about while making your own pair of sandals 👡 or accessory 💎. 
And once again, there's nothing more fun when a little booze is involved😂🍷
We will also have some snacks for $3 for you to enjoy. 


For more information about this class and the instructor, Saya, check out our Verlocal page

I will walk you through more of our classes and Fashion tours on this blog, so stay tuned!