We Have New Videos! ⑤ Espadrilles Flat

We Have New Videos! ⑤ Espadrilles Flat

We Have New Videos! ④ Espadrilles Platform 読む We Have New Videos! ⑤ Espadrilles Flat 3 分 次 Happy Valentine 2020! Heart is in!

I hope everybody is enjoying this semi-fall 🍁🍂 wearing sandals but drinking pumpkin spice lattes 🎃 or apple ciders🍎. 

We thought this week was going to be a bit gloomy and continuous days of light rain, but turns out not. I am happy, but the weather forecast is totally messing with us. 

You know why I am so upset? cuz I canceled my plan to go upstate due to the forecast. Weather is crucial when you are going to upstate NY🌳

But when it comes to Sand by Saya espadrilles, bring it on. 
It'll survive under any kind of weather ☔️

I once wore my Sand by Saya flat espadrilles when it was pouring outside, but it was absolutely fine. Dried really quickly and none of those squishy feelings.

Sand by Saya flat espadrilles are one of my favorite sandal types cuz I am a flat shoes kinda gal. Comfort-first. 

In this video, we will show you all the great things about our flat espadrilles❤️
If you are a person who is a City type of girl who loves the beach as much as the City like me, this espadrille is for you. 

Just like it is mentioned in this video, "Urban chic meets resort style". 

All the featured espadrilles are listed down below 

👡 Palm Tree - Bronze Flat Espadrille 

This palm tree motif is newly designed for our flat espadrilles and it is our founder, Saya's personal favorite🌴❤️
We also have another palm tree motif, but this one is almost sold out.
Better get your hands on them before it's gone! 

👡 Ladybug and Daisy - Black Flat Espadrille 

Aren't these so cute and fun?? 
I like the idea of having different motifs but has a cohesive theme! 

👡 Bee - Gold Flat Espadrille 

This one is also an adorable piece! It goes really well with the gold espadrille. 
And why not wear your beautiful flat espadrilles at home? 
During the winter time, we spend most of our time in-doors and we should feel special all that time even we are at home. 

Don't wear your "I don't give a damn" sweats and slippers. 
Ok. I'll allow the messy bun and glasses but still elevate your at-home attire with your Sand by Saya flat espadrilles!

👡 Uptown - Bronze Flat Espadrille 

Isn't this such a gorgeous flower motif??? 
Aaaa now this is the kind of flower I would like to receive 🌸

👡 Lips - Gold Flat Espadrille 

Aaaand this is another one of my favorites, the cohesively themed motifs. 

What I love about our Sand by Saya flat espadrilles is that they look effortless, but they are so much more elevated than regular flat shoes✨

My getaway plan would be to throw these flat espadrilles in my bag, and change into them in the airplane and walk out ✈️✨👡 

They are so lightweight and comfortable that you to take long romantic walks by the beach 🏝🐚 and it'll even allow you to run in the airport so that you can catch your flight.


Even though you don't want to go back to the cold fall/winter reality... 🥶❄️