We are sustainable for 14 years

We are sustainable for 14 years

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Sand by Saya is a New York-based brand that specializes in creating comfortable resort shoes, particularly women's and kids' sandals, as well as accessories. The brand takes pride in curating handcrafted products and emphasizes the importance of sustainability and environmental consciousness since 2009.

One of Sand by Saya's key initiatives is reducing energy consumption and pollution to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and promote clean water worldwide. As part of this commitment, a portion of the brand's sales is donated to Greenpeace.org, an organization dedicated to preserving clean water resources.

The brand collaborates with local designers and highly skilled sewers from different parts of the world to produce high-quality embroidery that inspires connection and action. By fostering these partnerships, Sand by Saya aims to encourage local and international fashion businesses to become more socially and environmentally engaged.ethical fur

Sand by Saya takes pride in being founded by a Japanese immigrant woman who graduated from Parsons New School with a major in fashion. The brand is predominantly operated by women and manufactures its products locally. Each pair of sandals is made to order, which helps reduce the brand's carbon footprint. The made-to-order production approach minimizes energy consumption and avoids wastage of materials.

Ethical fur sourced from factory waste is used in Sand by Saya's products, and the brand also offers a service that allows customers to recycle their pre-owned sandal's embroidery and attach it to a new pair, adding a new look to the sandals. This recycling initiative appreciates the handiwork of the precious jewel part of their sandals.

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Sand by Saya is committed to fostering inclusivity and diversity in the fashion industry. The brand hires both local and international fashion students and provides them with education and guidance on fashion design and entrepreneurship through their classes. Sand by Saya proudly collaborates with individuals of all genders and races to curate their beautiful and intricate sandal collection.

Overall, Sand by Saya is a Manhattan-based brand that prioritizes sustainability, offering comfortable and long-lasting resort sandals for women. The brand is female-owned and operated, and it strives to create stunning, wearable sandals while minimizing its impact on the environment.