Big July Sale Started 🌉🇺🇸🗽🎆✨

Big July Sale Started 🌉🇺🇸🗽🎆✨

This Will Count As Your "Something New" 読む Big July Sale Started 🌉🇺🇸🗽🎆✨ 3 分 次 It's Always Happy Hour Somewhere

I hope you are all enjoying your summer and enjoyed your July 4th! 
A lot of us probably had a four-day long weekend and we all need another day to mentally prepare ourselves for another long week ahead and get ourselves together. 

Every Sunday night I question myself, "wasn't it Friday 5 seconds ago?" 
but last night felt so much better than my usual Sunday nights. 

I had plenty of fun and rest during my day-off that Monday did not seem so bad after all. 

Did you get to show off your Sand by Saya sandals at the fireworks 🎆🎇? 

We just love any kind of opportunity to enjoy summer and show off our Sand by Saya sandals. 

Relaxing by the beach, poolside 👙, having some quality time at BBQ with family and friends, eating ice cream or a popsicle outside, having brunch with a glass of mimosa 🥂, an afternoon stroll in the Hamptons...

Countless ways to enjoy summer 😎 and it all involves sandals 👡💕

Some of you might already know but we started our
Independence Day Sale and we have a lot of sandals on sale! 

Spoiler Alert! 

This is going to be a MONTH LONG SALE! 

Let me show you a couple of my favorites that are on sale. 

Swarovski Black Onyx Chain Studs - Mid Wedge 

This is one of my favorites because
it's the perfect statement piece for a minimalistic look. 

It's the right amount of size that is noticeable and does not outshine your outfit. 
This sandal compliments your look. 

Another one of my favorite sandals that are on sale is... 

Sunset Park (Orange) - Mid Wedge 

I like a little boho look like Vanessa Hudgens. 

This is the perfect one for our boho girls who wants to wear beach sandals but do not want to sacrifice their look. 

White Hudson - Flat 

Yes. I have so many favorites. 
This one is made of high quality leather and it does not look like flip flops. 
It looks really good with a good dark colored pair of jeans. 

Don't forget! We also have accessories and kids sandals. 

Watermelon - Key Holder 

There is no such thing as summer without watermelons🍉
We have watermelon key holders to accent your summer bags. 

Grab the perfect sandal and/or accessory that speaks to your kind of summer style☀️👡🌻🌺👙