It's January! New Closet for your family

It's January! New Closet for your family

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Happy New Year!

Now I am a mother of a toddler, I have been organizing everything. Not only clothing but her toys and Christmas items for family, and countless items at home.

If you have a beautiful closet like this on the picture, it seems easy to keep everything but the reality is no.

No matter how big or small your closet is, you are the only person who should organize it every day. Trust me, this is the best way to know what you have. Only you can decide what to throw away, donate, or keep. Or maybe you can sell it on ebay to make extra $$$. If you can do it, you are entitled to buy new clothes! Hooray!

Here is some advice. You must check all the storage unit and your closet include all you family members stuff every season which is every 3 months. (or at least once a year if you cant do it every quoter. )

I have many more tips and secrets to do this easier and faster. Basically, feng shui’s basic motto is “Clean, organize, and repeat”. Have you ever heard of it?

If you want to have a better life comes in to your family, you may start it this year! Always good to start something new in January. This will keep motivating you. Organize your clothes if you think that is leading you to your better life, keep it. If not, donate them and move on.

If you need my help for small fee, I can advice you everything on online or by zoom. Maybe I can meet you tomorrow ? to book Saya today!

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私は長年の経験からこのお片ずけのプロセスを早く効率よくするやり方を熟知しています。風水の基本的なルールは、”掃除、片ずけ、それを繰り返す” です。どこかで聞いたような。。。。