Who loves our sandals? Celebrities & Influencers ②

Who loves our sandals? Celebrities & Influencers ②

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Can you believe it that it is almost September? 
Is summer going to end? 
It is still pretty hot in New York, but not brutally hot. Is it going to get hot again in September? 

I kinda hope it does because I feel like I haven't done enough summery things like relaxing by the poolside or the beach, brunching🥂, enjoying an outdoor movie screening, and more! I can't get enough of summer! 

Plus I want more chances to show off my Sand by Saya sandals and espadrilles under the sun 👡✨☀️

I guess you all feel the same way I do. 
But why don't we stop worrying about fall/winter for now and enjoy the moment 😎☀️

As a person who has a slight addiction to social media 😝, I love watching influencer's summer and vacation/get away looks💖

Since we have released our new espadrille collection this summer, our non-sponsored and sponsored influencer photos are on another level! (Here is our previous blog post of Who loves our sandals? Celebrities & Influencers ①

Let's learn how to create the perfect summer look from this year's influencers 🐚🌺👡

① Miki Takasugi (@whatmikiloves) #gifted

Don't you just love this sporty summer look😍

Miki is a Japanese Fashion & Beauty influencer based in New York City! 
We always love her feminine look ❤️ She absolutely nailed the sporty city girl look with a hint of class✨👑

She styled her look with our new platform espadrille and one of our best selling motif, Greenwich

When you want hight, comfort, a summery look with a bling, 
The Greenwich platform espadrilles are your style. 

② Dina (@modnitsa) #notsponsored


Dina is a NYC based image & wardrobe stylist and personal shopper 👗
No wonder she has an eye for style ✨ 

She knows our best seller! 👡 Gold mid-wedge watermelon 

We offer three types of hight options for the flip flops: flat, mid, and high wedges. Mid-wedge is the most popular hight because you can't find a flip flop that has both comfort and style anywhere else.  


A straw hat and a bag is a must with our sandals 👒💕
And what is summer without watermelons? 🍉☀️

③ Aki Weng (@akinyc) #gifted 

Aki is a blogger based in New York (currently in Aspen, Colorado). 
She has her own blog series on 25ans magazine and she has released her own styling book about how to create a sophisticated adorable look 👗

Aki says 
"These sandals are so comfortable and effortless🐝
It looks like an espadrille but it's a rubbered platform, so it works like a cushion and even if you play by the water with your kids, it's all good👍
I was wondering if I should get the lobster 🦞 but I went for the bee 🐝"

👡 Bee - Waterproof Espadrille Platform  

Here is the lobster 🦞 that Aki was wondering about too😍
This one is my personal favorite too because the beautiful red color stands out ❤️❤️🦞

👡 Lobster - Waterproof Espadrille Platform 

Aki indeed proved that she is an expert in creating a sophisticated adorable look. The bee espadrille gave a fun adorable finishing touch to her sophisticated chic white dress look 🐝♡ 

④ Mariko Mitsusugi (@marikomitsusugi) #gifted

Mariko is a Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle blogger based in Japan 
who works in PR at a jewelry brand called "STELLAR HOLLYWOOD" 💍✨


Mariko says 
"...I bought new sandals from a NY based brand @sandbysayajapan 
I haven't cheated on Havaianas in a while." 

Mariko picked one of our best sellers, Nomad✨
Nomad was inspired by vintage jewelry 💎 and this is one of Saya's, the founder/head designer's, favorite crystal collection. 

Since Mariko works for a jewelry company, she sure knows how to accessorize✨And it makes total sense that she chose a motif that was inspired by vintage jewelry 💎✨

👡 Nomad - Mid Wedge 

Nomad is a timeless classic piece that is very elegant and it really suits Mariko's style. 

⑤ Tomoko Barreda (@iamtomokobarreda) #sponsored 

Tomoko is a Fashion, Beauty, and lifestyle blogger based in Japan. 
She is a florist and a mother, so her Instagram is full of flowers🌼 and her happy family. 

Aaaah, that's how my life is going to look like in the near future😚❤️

In this post, she says that she cannot handle the extreme heat 🥵

As much as we love summer, sometimes we just can't take it anymore💦
But with our Sand by Saya sandals👡, the extreme heat doesn't sound so bad at all! 

Don't we just love her chic sophisticated style? 
and who said beach sandals are "casual"? 

Tomoko is wearing a pair from one of our fabric-textile collection. 
Unfortunately, what Tomoko is wearing is discontinued, but we have many recommendations from our fabric-textile collection. 

Here are my personal favorites❤️

👡 White Hudson - High Wedge 


I also love them in our comfortable mid-wedges

👡Rockaway (White) - flat  
This is another one of my personal favorite and one of our best sellers♡


👡 Moore - High Wedges 

I love this one because it has a huge bow that goes well with a nice pair of denim jeans👖


I know I gave you so many recommendations and a lot of our influencers made you want to buy a loooooot of Sand by Saya sandals 👡❤️

Well, good news! We are going to extend our sample sale till this Friday at Sand by Saya's showroom! This is now your chance to stock up on your beach sandals, accessories, and more while it's still summer☀️

We are adding more items this week, so be sure to get your sandals 👡✨❤️

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