It's Always Happy Hour Somewhere

It's Always Happy Hour Somewhere

"It's always happy hour somewhere" 

This quote reminds me of the month June. 

In Japan, June is a bit depressing because it is rainy season. 
But in the states, June means the beginning of summer and everybody is happy and relaxed. 

"It's always happy hour somewhere" right? 

But apparently that is not the case these days in New York.
Now with the rising temperature, it is rainy, humid, and everything.  
Last week was rainy pretty much all day every day. 

We are seeing a lot more sunny days on the weather forecast, but we still see those ☔️⚡️umbrellas and thunders here and there that we do not want. 

And you know what I don't like about these rainy days? 
When it's not quite raining to the point where you should wear rain boots but it's not safe to wear those leather ballet flats or any kind of shoes that'll make your feet soaking wet. 

And when it is pouring rainy, but later on, the rain stops and you are wearing rain boots under the sun. 👢☔️⚡️

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one. 

Our new waterproof espadrilles are the perfect solution for a person like me! 

You heard us right. They are waterproof
We have platform espadrilles and flat espadrilles

Usually espadrilles are made out of hard ropes which hardens when it gets wet and dries your feet out...ugh! 

But these espadrilles are made with EVA, which is a type of rubber, and vegan leather. They are totally brand new to the market and designed first. 

When I first looked at the platform espadrilles, I was a bit spectacle because it really looks like a hard rope. But when you touch it, it really does have that bouncy feeling that a rubber has. 

And because the espadrilles are made out of EVA rubber and vegan leather, they are lightweight.

Perfect for traveling and no need to worry about those occasional tropical downpours.

We know that jet-setters' priority is to pack light,
but "staying in style" is un-negotiable as well. 

These espadrilles are for those who want them all: comfort, style, and light weight! 

The flat espadrilles are perfect for throwing them in your bag when you still want to wear rain boots and swap them for the espadrilles later on when the sun comes out. 

The platform espadrilles will prevent you from getting your feet wet in the puddle. 

As much as we know that rain boots make our rainy day commute so much better, when it gets hot, you can feel all the heat inside of the boots. And you can't wait a second to take off those boots but at the same time you are horrified to release your smelly feet caused by the heat 😱🦶

With these espadrilles, your feet will stay dry, fresh, and in style✨💗 

Pick an espadrille or more! Because we cannot just pick one. 

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