We Have New Videos! ② Mid Wedge Beach Sandals

We Have New Videos! ② Mid Wedge Beach Sandals

We Have New Videos! ① Flat Flip Flops Vous lisez We Have New Videos! ② Mid Wedge Beach Sandals 2 minutes Suivant We Have New Videos! ③ High Wedge Beach Sandals

Just when we thought Pumpkin 🎃 spice and apple cider 🍎 season was upon us, summer is back for like 5 seconds...and fall is back, and then I heard summer is going to be back again next week

This is the perfect opportunity to wear Sand by Saya sandals and have a summer throwback! 

We don't care about the first day of fall 🍁🍂
Now we can say that it is very appropriate to wear sandals in September with this weather 👍

Now that summer is back for a hot second, you can take advantage of the
secret & not so secret sale 🤭❤️

Even a lot of our best sellers and new espadrille collections are on sale,
so get them while these items are hot! and literally while it is still hot outside! 

Enjoy summer outfits while you can because a long long winter will eventually come to New York. 

Don't know which sandals 👡 to get? 
Here is some shopping inspiration✨

Our mid wedge flip-flops are our best selling sandal height
because it's the best of both worlds 🤩! 

It's the perfect sandal height if you want them all: comfort and style! 

Shop the featured sandals 👡

👡 2 Stars - black mid-wedge 

👡 Chelsea Heart (Red) - gold mid-wedge 

👡 Palm Tree - gold mid-wedge 

👡 Dumbo - black mid-wedge 

👡 Rockaway (white) - gold mid-wedge 

👡 West Village - gold mid-wedge 

Click the link to see which ones are on sale!😍❤️

This is my personal favorite height among the flip-flops because I need all the comfort but I do not want to sacrifice style 💃✨

We are coming up with more shopping inspiration videos like these, so don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit that bell button so that you'll be notified when we upload new ones! 

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