We Have New Videos! ③ High Wedge Beach Sandals

We Have New Videos! ③ High Wedge Beach Sandals

We Have New Videos! ② Mid Wedge Beach Sandals Vous lisez We Have New Videos! ③ High Wedge Beach Sandals 3 minutes Suivant New Fashion Classes and Tours! ①

It seems like summer is back! 
But not the kind of summer that is abusively hot that you just have to finish eating your ice cream🍦before it starts melting and after all you don't really remember how it tasted like 🤦‍♀️

It's the kind of summer that you can appreciate the taste of an ice cream 🍦
You can comfortably eat lunch outside enjoying a little bit of the fall breeze🍂

But apparently I heard that next Wednesday is going to be 31℃ (88℉)☀️

Take out those flip-flops that you've put them away into your closet! 
Or why not give it an update "now"! 
(Because you know that a secret & not so secret sale is going on 🤭)

For those of you who don't know about this secret & not so secret sale, 
some of our bestsellers and our new espadrille collections are on sale. 

Let's just leave it that way 🤫. 

Today's shopping inspiration video is our high wedge sandals 👡

Sand by Saya high wedge sandals changes the perception of flip-flops. 
Flip-flops are not just "casual".

With Sand by Saya high wedge flip flops, it will elevate your look. 
Take a look at this video to see how you can achieve that elevated look. 

With Sand by Saya high wedge sandals you can dress up and even dress down✨


Below are the featured items in the video that are available on our website 👡 

👡 Palm Tree - Black High Wedge 

👡 Chelsea Heart (Red) - Gray High Wedge 

We also have these beautiful ribbon necklace version ❤️ 
Accessorize literally from top to bottom!✨

👡 Smith - Gray High Wedge 

Smith is one of my personal favorite motif design because it has both silver and gold color 💎✨This means we don't have to worry about not having a pair of shoes for each silver jewelries and gold jewelries. 

Don't we all love that versatile "it goes with everything" kinda shoes? 

👡 Crystal Manhattan - Gray High Wedge 

Ah our beautiful best seller, Crystal Manhattan♡ 

👡 Rockaway (stripe) - Gold High Wedge 

👡 Irving - Gray High Wedge 

This is also my personal favorite! 
It goes really well with jeans 👖💙
(whispering voice: plus I don't have to worry about my toe nails 🤭) 

Let your Sand by Saya sandals' gem shine from your maxi dress 👗

And you know what I love about Sand by Saya's high wedge sandals? 
It's currently available in three sandal body color - black, gray, and gold. 

It gives a slight different feeling depending on the sandal body color. 
I know I had to give it a lot of thought when I got my first Sand by Saya high wedge sandals 😘

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