Our Kinda Fashion Week Is the City Fashion × Beach Sandals Look

Our Kinda Fashion Week Is the City Fashion × Beach Sandals Look

Who loves our sandals? Celebrities & Influencers ② Leiendo Our Kinda Fashion Week Is the City Fashion × Beach Sandals Look 4 minutos Siguiente We Have New Videos! ① Flat Flip Flops

This week is New York Fashion Week 👠✨

Well...every week is Fashion Week here in New York🗽but the official New York Fashion Week is extra! 

And I want to ask all you Fashionistas out there 

Do you have a specific Fashion magazine that you read often or are subscribed to? 
We especially love the ones below because we were featured in these magazines! ❤️✨📚

We are Fashion, we are bridal, we are lifestyle, we are major, and we are everything! 👗👡✨💕

And this summer 
We were featured on cosmopolitan.com and ELLE.com, and proved that beach sandals are in style 👡✨

The title of the article on cosmopolitan.com was 

"Cosmo Editor Recommended Beach Sandals
That You Would Want to Wear This Summer ☀️👡" 
〜 5 Pairs That Are Not Just For The Beach But Also For The City 🌃〜

That's right!
Sand by Saya Sandals are not just for the beach 🏖
It's also for the City! Especially as a New York City born brand, we have many fans who live in the City 🗽🏙

The concept of "beach sandals" has changed over the past couple of years. 

"When we say 'beach sandals', we used to think that they were only for the beach or the pool 👙🏖 But nowadays, there are beach sandals that has motifs and are Fashion forward. At the beginning of summer, as a model (the writer & editor of this article), I have worn tons of sandals for photo shoots, and I would like to show you sandals that are effortless and comfortable"  

"In 2009, a Japanese designer Saya founded her New York based brand 'Sand by Saya'. The sandals are handmade at their studio in New York with exquisite craftsmanship and loving care.
The sandals are not only comfortable but also the various motif designs highlights your toes. And that is the reason why Sand by Saya is extremely popular! The white sandals look perfect for a resort wedding♡" 

Here are the featured sandals on this article 👡❤️
👡 Manhattan (Black) - Mid Wedge Black 
👡 Lake - Mid Wedge Gold 
👡 Manhattan (Crystal) - Flat White 

👡 Crystal Chelsea - High Wedge Black 



We were also featured in ELLE.com this summer☀️


"'Beach Sandals' Are On Trend Right Now!

City Fashion × Beach Sandals Is Going To Be This Summer's Must" 


translated & summarized: 

"Are beach sandals only for vacations? The answer is NO! City Fashion with beach sandals are on trend this summer.

In the 90's, strappy sandals and mules were a huge deal, and now they are officially back! But, I know they look a bit uncomfortable and difficult to walk. We have good news for all the flat shoes lovers out there! Beach sandals are officially back as the latest trend! 


Beach sandals used to be only seen by the beach or the poolside, but this season, many designers has transformed them into a minimalistic and stylish item. Even many celebrities are loving these beach sandal looks! They can be worn at various places and occasions from the beach to the office. 

Some brands have released a stiletto type beach sandals so that it can be worn dressed up and dressed down. The "casual" image of beach sandals might be changing!? 

Take out those beach sandals that have been in your closet and make them your go-to piece! City Fashion × beach sandals are ON!" 

But instead of taking out your beach sandals from your closet, why not give it an update?

Here are the sandals featured on this article 👡❤️

👡 Greenwich - High Wedge Gray 

👡 Dumbo - Mid Wedge Black 

👡 Rockaway (White) - Mid Wedge Black 

👡Watermelon - Flat Black 

As you all know, Sand by Saya offers all kinds of sandal/espadrille designs to every lady. We are timeless, classic, sophisticated, fun, pop, and everything. 

That is why we have been featured in all magazines that you could possibly think of 😘❤️ 

It's still pretty hot outside, so why not we rock that City look × beach sandals this Fashion Week 👡🏙

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