We Have New Videos! ① Flat Flip Flops

We Have New Videos! ① Flat Flip Flops

Is it really already that pumpkin spice latte season? 
As much as I love pumpkin spice everything, apple cider everything 🍎🍏, and fall/winter holidays such as Halloween 🎃👻, Thanksgiving🦃, and Christmas🎄🎁, 

I am not ready to wear boots, red flannel shirts, and leather jackets 🍁🍂!! 

Usually it's still pretty hot during September.
And yet summer is relatively short throughout the year. 
We only have about two weeks of Spring and Fall, so it's just winter most of the time. 

Anyway, I think it's still very appropriate to wear sandals during September. 

And why don't we escape somewhere warm like Hawaii, Florida, California, or Australia, before the cold weather really hits New York 🏄‍♀️🏝🌺

Because I want to wear my Sand by Saya sandals all year round! 👡❤️✨

And I bet these new videos of our sandals will make you want to take your Sand by Saya sandals to somewhere tropic and warm 😚

We have a lot of videos coming up, so don't forget to subscribe to our channel and hit that bell button so you'll get notified when we upload new videos 👍

Here is our classic flat flip flop video ❤️

Isn't this video giving you all the feels of a summer throwback? 
Did you see something you like? 

Here are the featured sandals in this video ⬇︎

👡 Manhattan (Crystal) - black flat 

This is our all time classic design and you cannot go wrong with this. 

👡 Pineapple 🍍-  gold mid wedge (currently flat unavailable) 

Isn't this motif so cute? This is one of my favorite cuz it's adorable, fun, and glamorous at the same time! 🍍✨

👡 Flamingo 💗- white flat 

The contrast between the color white and pink is so perfect💗

👡 Manhattan (black) - gold flat 

Another one of our all-time classic design♡

👡 Lady Bug & Daisy 🐞🌼 - flat black 

This one is such a fun piece, and I love it that the design of each sandal is different 🌼🐞 

The best thing about these flat flip flops are that you can literally throw them in your bag and you can where them during your flight, by the beach, at the restaurant, and everywhere. 

You want to be comfortable when you are on a vacation, but you do not want to sacrifice style. These are perfect for dressing up and dressing down. 

Even though these are comfy flat flip flops, Sand by Saya's beautifully made sandals are not so "casual" 😚 

We have more videos coming up, so stay tuned 😘❤️ 
I'm even excited about what's coming next! 

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