Bridal Sandals For All Of Your "I Dos" This Season

The month of June is a very happy celebratory moment for all the June Brides. 
We love weddings in general, but June brides are special. 

According to Google, the month of June comes from Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage. That's where the concept of June Bride comes from. 

In Japan we do have the concept of June Bride too,
but a lot of people think it's because the rainy season is so depressing, so the Wedding Industry gave people one good reason why they should get married during the rainy season. 

Despite the different reasoning behind the concept of June bride, June brides are special and the month of June celebrates the beginning of the high season for the Wedding Industry. 

For us Sand by Saya, we couldn't have been more excited for June because that means our bridal beach sandal collections are going to be in full bloom 🌸

Perfect for resort destination weddings, for bridal showers, for your bridesmaids, and for dancing until you can't anymore! 

Scroll our website, choose your color, height, motif, and size for the sandals.
Unlike wedding dresses and venues, you don't need years of planning ahead. 

And unlike wedding dresses, you can wear these sandals daily too! 
We are a firm believer in a lifelong happiness and I think we all need a daily reminder of how happy you were when you said "I do" or witnessed the "I do" moment. 

No matter what your role is at the wedding, we have so many style options for the bride, bridesmaids, and guests. 

Below are some of our favorite styles


One of our best sellers, Crystal Manhattan gold mid-wedge sandal 
(Available in other sandal color and height) 

Broadway gray high-wedge sandal 
(Available in other sandal color and height) 

One of our best sellers, our adorable sparkly bow - Madison gold mid-wedge sandal (Available in other sandal color and height) 

Greenwich white flat sandal (Available in other sandal color and height) 

Left: Smith Double gold mid-wedge sandal 
Right: My personal favorite, York gray high-wedge sandal 
(Both available in other sandal color and height) 

Do you know why York is my personal favorite? 
It's because it could be my "Something blue". Don't we all love efficiency? 

Another one of our best sellers,
Uptown gold high-wedge sandal (Available in other sandal color and height) 

One of our customers who bought this sandal and left a review saying ... 

Review title "The Big Flower Is Adorable" 
"I bought this for my beach wedding shoot.
The big flower is stunning and my feet was a total show stopper♡" 

We have a lot more of our favorite bridal collection sandals that we want to show you, but I think I will leave the fun to you all so you can search for your perfect "I Do" sandals 

We hope you all have wonderful "I Do" moments to remember with our Sand by Saya bridal collection❤️👡👰💐

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