We Have New Videos! ④ Espadrilles Platform

We Have New Videos! ④ Espadrilles Platform

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Can we have our beloved Sand by Saya season back?😭❤️

At least there are days where it's a bit warm and comfortable with a leather or denim jacket. And today is one of those days 😚

This morning I was wondering if I should get an iced or hot latte. 
I went for the hot latte but soon after I realized I should've gotten an iced latte. 

Cuz us New Yorkers have to hang onto the little bits of pieces that will allow us to feel like summer☀️

In the train, I saw a couple of people wearing sandals today. 

Today is one of those days where we have the option to go full-on fall attire or semi-fall attire. 

And I choose to go with the semi-fall attire with Sand by Saya espadrilles👡❤️
Because why do we want to feel all mushy and sweaty inside our boots right now when we would have to eventually. 

Sand by Saya espadrilles are perfect for semi-fall attire 🍁🍂
Especially the brown and black color is summer to fall transferable. 

Some of you already know that Sand by Saya offers two types of espadrilles, platform and flat. (We might be offering a new type of espadrille for our Spring/Summer collection 🤫) 

In this sandal inspiration video, we will be showing you our platform espadrilles. 
( I will list all the platform espadrilles featured in this video below. Some of them are on sale 🤑 so take a look! ) 

And don't forget! These are waterproof! 🌊 

👡 Moore - Black platform espadrille 

Isn't this so pretty? 😍❤️
This motif, Moore is giving me major spring picnic vides 💙

👡 Lake - Bronze platform espadrille 

Aaaaa this is one of my favorite motifs 💎
It's one of our new motif designs for this year's collection.

I'm a person who loves a bling-bling design✨and these crystals are randomly embellished. Randomly is the fun in this design! 

👡 Crystal and Studs - Bronze platform espadrille

These are in black, but this motif is also one of my personal favorites too! 
And this one is also one of our new motif designs for this year's collection. 

Like I said, I love bling bling designs 😆 
And I love edgy designs too! 

Don't you think this would look really good with a leather jacket??? 
This design is season versatile! 

👡 Greenwich - Gold platform espadrille (Gold is currently unavailable but we have them in bronze and black) 

Aaaa major staycation vibes 🕯📚

This motif design is one of our bestselling designs✨


What I love about these platform espadrilles is that it looks like an ordinary espadrille but they are rubber made, so when you walk, it has that bouncy cushion sensation and that is also why they are waterproof 👍 (Don't worry the leather is vegan, so it's really waterproof! )

It seems like this week's temperature is semi-fall and is going to be a little rainy, so these espadrilles got your back Fashion wise and function wise! 

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