This Will Count As Your "Something New"

This Will Count As Your "Something New"

On our previous blog post, I mentioned that the month of June derives its name from Juno, the Women goddess of marriage. And June is the rainy season in Japan, so a lot of people think that the wedding industry gave people one good reason why they should get married during the rainy season. 

I thought the rainy season is April in the States, but these days it's rainy every day in New York ☔️. 

New York has a relatively short summer, so we need the sun as much as we can when the sun is supposed to be out! 

It seems like the sun is finally gonna come out this week, so hopefully all the brides and grooms get to say "I Do" under the sun☀️


We cannot get over this happy lovey dovey month🕊💗. 
For those of you who are planning a wedding, we know that your current must reads are bridal magazines. 

so we would like to show you which bridal magazines we have been featured in the past!! 

First, we were featured in UK's Brides magazine! 
We have UK fans!! 

Crystal Manhattan gold high-wedge sandal 
(also Black Manhattan sandals and accessories are available) 

Next, we have partnered with Marie Claire magazine and to celebrate their first Marie Claire marriage style issue, we gave out Swarovski circle studs white sandals as a gift. 


Swarovski circle studs sandals  are still for sale, so If you love this minimalistic look, check it out! cuz we love this minimalistic bling✨💎 

We were also featured in Martha Stewart Weddings magazine too! 


Both featured sandals are two of our best sellers 
Crystal Chelsea Heart in high-wedge gold sandal
(also red Chelsea Heart sandals and accessories are available) 
Crystal Manhattan in flat gold sandals 
(also Black Manhattan sandals and accessories are available) 

We were also featured on the most famous bridal magazine in Japan "ゼクシィ"!  

Uptown gold high wedge sandals were on their annual special edition page as a "must have destination wedding shoes" 👰👡✨🏝☀️🌺 

These beach sandals will count as your "something new" 

Don't forget that we have our new espadrilles too! 
These espadrilles are great for glamping themed weddings! 

Apparently glamping themed weddings are a thing. 
Just like the beach sandals, you can wear it everyday even if the wedding is over. 

Whether it is for dress up or dress down, it is perfect for any kind of occasion and makes the right kind of statement.

I hope you say "I Do" to our
Sand by Saya beach sandals and espadrilles 💗💍👡 ✨

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