How we make luxury teddy fur sandals in NYC

How we make luxury teddy fur sandals in NYC


Designer's studio back scene

in New York City

This week, we had many orders
from New York, Japan and Singapore!
You can see all of this shoe making process
on video at our instagram

designer is making shoes at NYC studio

designer is making teddy fur flip flops shoes at NYC studio

This teddy fur sandal's material is limited produced for NYC Runway. They are very high end. It is a rare find in the market. Once we use all of this fabric, production will be done! Out of stock.  So, hurry up and get them now!

vintage sewing machine for shoe making

This sewing machine is a rare find as well. There is only few in NYC and we've got one of them!

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fashion pattern. Cutting fur fabric

Carefully cut the fabric here.

cutting fur fabric

fur fabric for flip flops shoe making

once I finish the 1st pair, moving on to the next flower sandals.

turquoise flower flop flops with made in NY tag

I always know that there is a serious fans who loves turquoise blue like me!

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turquoise flower flop flops with made in NY tag

I take great care in packaging and ensuring the quality of the items I send out. Adding personal messages to each package is a thoughtful touch that can make our customers feel valued and appreciated. These small details can go a long way in creating a positive and memorable customer experience.


sandal and shoes packaging and shipping

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