Mother's Day Campaign - Mommy and Me

Mother's Day Campaign - Mommy and Me

April showers ☔️ bring May flowers 🌷🌼🌸. 
Hello? It's already May, and it's still cold and rainy. 

Last Saturday was a bit rainy in the morning in New York, 
but later in the afternoon it was really nice and warm. 
The next day was rainy, windy, and cold the whole day☔️🍃😭 

I took out my candle and had a self-care Sunday in. 🕯💆‍♀️📚
It felt really weird that I lit my candle in May. MAY! 
I think lighting the candle is seasonally appropriate only from October to March. 
Is this just me? 

I hope we will be getting flowers this month soon cuz fall/winter is longer than spring/summer around here. 

Speaking of May, we have a very important day coming up! 
And that is Mother's Day 🤱❤️ on Sunday, May 12th. 

As a brand that sells beach sandals for ladies, we support all the busy hard working mothers out there who are always there to support us. 

It really amazes me that probably a lot of mothers had no idea what they were doing, but from our perspective, they looked like they had the right answer to everything and that is why we rely on our mothers heavily. 


That midnight phone calls for your cooking crisis and/or "emergencies", she was and is always there for you. 

She always made sure that we won't go hungry and we will stay healthy. 

We can't thank our mothers enough for what they did and what they do for us! 

Mother's Day falls on a Sunday this year, so we can show how thankful we are a little extra with a breakfast in bed and a present 😍

Still thinking about what to get for your mother? 
Sand by Saya carries so many design options for all different types of mothers! 
Depending on what kind of lifestyle she has, you will definitely be able to find the perfect pair for your mother. 

As you all know, Sand by Saya is well-known for its comfort, 
so even the high wedge sandals are suitable for long walks.

Although our Sand by Saya sandals are comfortable, 
we know that every mother has their own comfort level. 
We offer flat, mid-wedge, and high-wedge sandals for each comfort level 😎

Here are a couple of our recommendations! 

For all the mothers who love a classic timeless piece, we recommend our best seller crystal manhattan

For all the mothers who love a fun yet sophisticated look, here is another one of our best sellers, York.  


For all the mothers who always know how to have fun, we recommend our pop-art collection like Pineapple

We have every style for every kind of mother 😘

Don't forget that we have mother and daughter matching sandals too!👭 
Because Mother's Day is also about mother - daughter bonding time ❤️

Here is one of our mother-daughter matching sandals, Highline

Because there is no other better way than spending Mother's Day with the whole family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧💓 


Happy Mother's Day from Sand by Saya 👡❤️✨
We hope you find the perfect gift for your mother🤱💕

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