Happy New Year 2023 from our NYC shoes studio

Happy New Year 2023 from our NYC shoes studio

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Happy New Year!

It's finally 2023 and I am back to work.

footwear designer making sandals with feather

Today, I want to show you the process of shoe making at my manhattan studio.

This is our vintage sewing machine which is 100 years old singer machine.

It creates the unique stitches. Without this machine, my brand doesn't exist.


shoe making machine at new york city studio

I've got these feather supplies from garment district and designed my new feather collection sandals. 

Feather is difficult to sew but easy to maintenance. It is also water proof. You can use steamer and comb to make it puffier.

To sew this natural materials on shoes, it requires a lot of experience and skills. So I love making this sandals without asking any other sewers.

Here is my Fur & Feather Collection link.




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