We Were Chosen As One Of The Top 5 Most Popular Beach Sandal Brands in 2019

We Were Chosen As One Of The Top 5 Most Popular Beach Sandal Brands in 2019

Happy Valentine 2020! Heart is in! Leiendo We Were Chosen As One Of The Top 5 Most Popular Beach Sandal Brands in 2019 4 minutos Siguiente We Started a Stationary Line!

I hope you are all enjoying the pumpkin spice latte season 🎃☕️
And I just realized that Halloween is right around the corner! 

This is what happens when the world is preparing for Halloween👻, Thanksgiving🦃, and Christmas🎄 all at once. We have no sense of time cuz it feels like Christmas is never coming. 

Ooohhh but all of them will come very soon. 
And before you know it, BAM! ⚡️It's a new year. 

But that means a lot of vacation opportunities are coming up! 

And of course us New Yorkers will go somewhere warmer 🏝
And you guessed it right! We love a good vacation that involves Sand By Saya sandals 👡

Need some sandal inspiration? 
We were chosen as one of the top five in "The most popular beach sandal brands" list 2019 ver on a Japanese ranking site, Lady's Me, so you are in good hands 👍 

The website is in Japanese, so I will give you a digest of what people have to say about us! Some of the styles featured in this page are no longer available, so I will give you other recommendations ✨

"Beach sandals with sparkly motifs that are adorable yet sophisticated 💎"

"The Swarovski and crystal motif sandals are handmade and hand sewn. Sand By Saya's sandals were featured in a famous Japanese TV Show, "Matsuko No Shiranai Sekai"

This TV show's host talks with an expert or an enthusiast of a specific topic and Sand By Saya was recommended by a sandal enthusiast! 



👡 Manhattan (Crystal) - flat black/white  

 "The motif is a very summery design and each sandals are hand-made one by one with loving care. It goes really well with shorts and dresses. These sandals are your best friend at the beach and the poolside⛱🍹" 


👡 Madison - flat gray/white 

"This sparkly big bow is an embroidery of crystal-beads ❤︎ The sandal is very comfortable and durable, so you can wear them not only at the beach, but also in the City 🏙" 

Unfortunately, the butterfly and Empire (the blue star) are no longer available, but here are my recommendations instead! 

If you like the butterfly, you might like this one! Because you have an artsy fun taste! 

👡 lipstick - flat gold 

Yes! Of course you can wear these for your staycation too! 
I definitely belong to the team staycation 🙌 📚🕯
Isn't this lipstick💄sandal adorable? It's such a fun yet detailed design just like the butterfly🦋 

If you like the Empire (blue star), you might like this one. 
It's a star with a sophisticated twist ✨Plus this is one of our new collection 👍
Who doesn't like something new? 

👡 One star - flat black 

We also have 2 stars 🌟🌟

And I also love this flat espadrille version
Because we all deserve a couple extra stars, right? 💫

If you are missing some colors, we got you 👍

Here is our blue sequined star - Hamptons (blue) high wedge sandal. 
And of course, we have them in pink too! 


 See? We have so many options even within the star ⭐️ category. 

Oh, did I not mention that we have matching sandals for kids too? 


👡 Hamptons (blue) - black kids

👡 Lipstick - black mid wedge 

👡 Lips - pink baby kids  

I think this explains really well why we are one of the top 5 most popular beach sandal brand 👡❤️✨

We are your go-to beach sandal brand 👍
Hope you have a nice vacation escaping from the cold or a cozy staycation. 
Either way, Sand By Saya sandals will be with you 😘

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