Our New Logo Symbolizes Our Brand Upgrade

Our New Logo Symbolizes Our Brand Upgrade

Hi! I hope you are all doing well and mentally preparing for the warm weather! 
That's right. In New York, we are still in the state of mentally preparing. 

Somedays there are days like Sand by Saya sandals and iced coffee kinda weather.  Today's temperature was supposed to be above 57℉, but now it's 48℉.
Plus, I heard it's going to rain later today... 

Made a major attire mistake....

As if mother nature's way of telling us, "Nope! Not a chance". 

But the weather won't stop us from stocking up on sandals! 
We have exclusive news for all those Sand by Saya fans and sandal lovers
(aka everybody) so keep on reading till the end! 

so...In preparation for spring/summer, 
we introduced the new espadrille line last week on our blog

For those of you who don't know, 
Our new espadrilles are waterproof, new tech, using vegan leather, 
superb comfortable fit, and great for long walks. 

Plus! They are designed by our amazing new design team who has worked for
Karl Lagerfeld, Dian Vone Furstenberg, Steven Alan, R13, and Anna Sui! 

Our team is the best it's ever been! 

Major upgrade, right? 

To celebrate this major upgrade, drum roll please...

We have a new logo!! 

The logo was created in collaboration with Biggs&Co. 
Biggs&Co. is a company run by sisters. Here is a little bio about their company. 

"For more than twenty years, BIGGS&CO. has been perfecting the art of grasping the intangible appeal of brands - ranging from Bliss, Soap&Glory, eos, Hawaiian Tropic, Philosophy, EWC, Reebok and Fitflop - and distilling it into eye-catching, swoon-worthy award-winning creative"

"From our offices in New York and Los Angeles, our team tackles Visual Brand Identity across the spectrum of consumer engagements (graphics, packaging design, product design, digital, photography Creative Direction, websites, copywriting, campaigns, retail display, events, etc.) For us, creative is personal. Let's make a connection."  

That is right. Sand by Saya partners with the best. 

The Founder/Head designer of Sand by Saya had these vision in mind when creating the logo with Biggs&Co; sunset, high-end, clean and modern look. 
Our new logo sure does say "sunset, high-end, clean, and modern"! 

These new logos will be seen on our new espadrilles
as well as our classic Sand by Saya beach sandals. 

Lots of new exciting things happening at Sand by Saya! 

Now, here comes the exclusive news for all of you who have read this blog post! 
We have added more products to our sale item category! 

This is your chance to stock up on sandals before summer comes. 
For those of you who have always wanted to buy Sand by Saya sandals, but haven't yet, I hope you are listening :) 

Happy shopping! 

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