Valentine Love Story to Tell...

Valentine Love Story to Tell...

Mom and daughter in New York City Empire state

It has been freezing in New York City.

But I have a list of plans. One is to get away to the beach resort this Valentine! 

Anything else to celebrate on your list?

Maybe watch again your favorite love and comedy Valentine's movies?

Last week, I was at the movie shoot set for "And just like that" by HBO. It is a TV series and it is a season 2. This is so exciting that it will release this summer.

Of course I met Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) !

"Sex and the City" was my bible when I came to New York City 17 years ago and last week was a dream came true! I sat literary next to them! 

Sweet Pre Valentine event check list has done!!! I was on the movie set with my super stars.

I used to love Valentines when I was a student and then I hate it when I was single in my 20's then now I love it again!

In Japan, girls makes hand made chocolates and gift it to your loved ones. In this country, boys send girls some flowers with gifts. 

Of course, I love the Valentines here!

 Valentine Pink Feather Sandal Slide collection

 Finally, my 2023 valentine pink collection came out and it is all pastel pink!

With crystal heart sandals and hair accessories are super gorgeous for date night in the city.

I designed for the city girls like my friends in NYC. All the samples and productions are made in NYC in my manhattan studio.


Designer wearing new collection, Mohair beanie knit hat with sparkly embroidery

Check Saya's alpaca mohair beanie hat!

Pastel pink has been so cute this Valentine!




ー Japanese ー

そうそう、先週はあのsex and the city SATCの映画、And just like that シーズン2のセットに行ってきました。

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