Traveling to the south in Japan

Traveling to the south in Japan

November has been very warm in Japan. Like New York has no more snow days, Japan is like 60 to 70 degrees everyday. If you go to south area like Kyoto and Ise, it is absolutely no jacket weather there.

Fuji mountain in Japan from fastest bullet train shinkansen

We took bullet train and success to take a photo of Fuji mountain!

I was watching Brad Pitt's movie called "Bullet Train" on the flight. It was actually a great movie and I was thrilled to get on the bullet train after I watched it.

At this trip, I was thinking to go to Okinawa where the Michelin star beaches are. But I decided to go to my parents place in Mie ken and stay there for a while.

ise shrine gate

Futami Shrine

Ise has the largest shrine to charge your energy, beautiful ocean for seafood and surfin, famous Japanese lobster  , Ise Ebi and wagyu beef is fantastic to try.

ise ebi Japanese fresh lobster seafood

We went to this hidden restaurant by the boat. Look at the sunshine and no jacket weather! So beautiful here!mom and daghuter on the boat in Japan by the sea






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