Sand By Saya in July Issue of Elle UK!

Sand By Saya in July Issue of Elle UK!


Sand By Saya got featured in the July issue of Elle UK.  As British Elle wrote "treat yourself" and get a pair of Sand By Saya sandals for the summer!  This is the best time to get your own pair of Sand By Saya sandals because they will be great for the beach, and any summer look.  Also our sandals are very versatile, and made for any occasion.  We have tourist from all over Europe come to our New York City Studio to pick out their own pair of custom made sandals.  Travelers love our sandals because they look good, but are also light weight.  So they are perfect for any vacation.   Elle UK top choices for the summer are the Double SmithYork, and Crystal Manhattan.  They featured all three of these in their magazine.  Find all of these looks


Double Smith


Crystal Manhattan






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