sandals designer wearing fur platform wedge with orange pumpkins at halloween market in New York City

Halloween has arrived in New York this October!

Halloween fall fur wedge platform sandals has arrived. Made in New York City
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Halloween has arrived in New York!

Halloween orange pumpkins with designer walking in wedge sandals

At this time of year, New Yorkers make plans to visit beach resorts, probably out of a sense of urgency for the arrival of the long, cold winter. It's been a few months since the covid has settled and the mask is no longer forced. 

platform wedge fur sandals and toes with orange pumpkins and flowers for Halloween

For those looking to spread their wings, stock up on summer sandals, beach gear, and summer clothes that are cute to wear at the resort. This is actually the reason why I started the Sand by Saya brand. I wanted to create an easy-to-wear sandal that could replace expensive high heels, a portable sandal that could fit in a small party clutch. Sand by Saya sandals are light, easy to walk, and comfortable to wear. They are cute sandals for town/urban use. When I go on a trip to a resort, and if I want to do some sightseeing, see all the resort islands, and walk around town on a sunny day, these sandals are a must haves.

models are wearing new collection of pink diamond bow flip flop flats and pink feather fur slide.

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